Tuesday, August 14, 2018

bike ride fundraiser for Boston Area Gleaners

As an Ashland resident, and regular shopper at the Ashland Farmer's Market, I am deeply grateful for the availability of fresh, local produce from the wonderful farms near us. Not every one has that advantage. Some less fortunate folks live in "food deserts" and experience food insecurity.

I am doing a bike ride fundraiser in September to support the Boston Area Gleaners who help with this issue. To learn more about this thoughtful group and to support them through my ride, go to my fundraising page.

Did you know that the Upswing Farm, one of the farms at the Ashland Farmer's Market, donates some of their harvest to the Boston Area Gleaners? (see their blog post for more)

I'm doing this ride to bring awareness to the Boston Area Gleaners, to educate about the need for their efforts, to help raise money to support them, and to let folks know that volunteers for harvesting with them are welcome!

Thank you for your contributions of time and money, and spreading the word about this.

prison strike

There are serious issues in prisons. The PEOPLE incarcerated there inside are not being treated like people outside. This coalition is educating us about water and heat issues (and more): #deeperthanwater

There is a prison strike coming up: more info here.

meeting history page made

I made a new page (link in the header now) to use as a resource, mostly for myself about Knapsack meetings I helped to organize. I know I will refer to this as the meetings had links, both in the descriptions and comments, that I point folks to, now and then, and refer back to myself.

meeting history

DA vote in Boston needed Sept 4

Rachael Rollins is running for Suffolk County DA on Sept. 4. If you have friends/family who vote there, could you help spread the word? This is an important race. 

More info here: https://realjusticepac.org/endorsements/rachael-rollins/