Saturday, September 30, 2017

good black news

I learned of this website with Good Black News from this article:
What I Told My White Friend When He Asked For My Black Opinion On White Privilege

Our mass media has a bias towards white supremacy culture. This website shares with us other info to help us understand and know about Good Black News too.

implicit bias

This is another helpful video:

Vernā Myers’, How Can We Have A More Candid Conversation About Race?


Implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. source
We have a bias when, rather than being neutral, we have a preference for (or aversion to) a person or group of people. Thus, we use the term “implicit bias” to describe when we have attitudes towards people or associate stereotypes with them without our conscious knowledge. source

Related videos: 

The Talk: (go to July 28)
My Black is Beautiful

Bryan Stevenson on ways to fight injustice

This is a short article by Death row attorney Bryan Stevenson on 4 ways to fight against injustice.

I was helped by reading it, being reminded to “protect your hope quotient" AND "position ourselves in uncomfortable places and be a witness." Sometimes when I get uncomfortable with how difficult conversations and making a change is, I lose hope. That is how I felt recently (feeling some white fragility after a meeting in Maynard last week). Bryan's words brought some clarity.

Friday, September 29, 2017

White Supremacy is not new

Author Ijeoma Oluo says this and more in her article So You Want To Fight White Supremacy:

"White supremacy is in our workplace, our school system, our government and our prisons. It is in our books and movies and television. White supremacy has been woven into the fabric of our nation from the moment that white settlers decided that their claim to land was more important than the lives of indigenous people. This is not a new problem. This is America."

Ijeoma Oluo lists many suggestions in various areas of our lives where we can work to dismantle White Supremacy.

Here is a 2 page pdf I made (you can print two-sided on one page) with key excerpts from this article and I bulleted the list of suggestions for easier reading and noting: what I am doing now, want to do more of...etc. Shared on my google drive.

I highly suggest this reading and use of her list of ideas.

Battalora talks with Matthews about where white people come from

Philippe SHOCK Matthews talks with Dr. Jacqueline Battalora: Dismantling #WhiteSuperiority in a #Trump Administration from Feb 24, 2017

Dr. Jacqueline Battalora has a 5-Day Free Ecourse: Where Did “White People” Come From?

I haven't listened to the Ecourse (yet) but appreciated listening to their conversation and the key points they discussed from it.

Claudia Rankine's talk on whiteness

This talk by Claudia Rankine: "On Whiteness" is very good.

I learned about the term "internalized dominance" to discuss "white privilege" in a different way. I will watch more talks by Dr. Robin DiAngelo to learn more about this alternative wording.

Eric Foner on confederate monuments and history

Eric Foner, historian and author of “Battles for Freedom: The Use and Abuse of American History”  discusses confederate monuments, the role of the historian and the lie of omission with Chris Hedges.

These are my notes from this video:
On Contact: Creative Forgetfulness with Eric Foner
  • landscape of denial
  • historical amnesia
  • mythology
  • history that doesn't help us understand the present
  • critical historian
  • we have an obligation as a citizen to take a stand
  • be an active citizen not a bystander