Monday, March 20, 2023

TEDx messages worth sharing

I recently met Colin Stokes when I taught him how to post this event he is organizing and facilitating on the Knapsack Meetup page: White People Challenging Racism: Moving From Talk to Action

We used Zoom to share screens for the lessons. He was wearing a t-shirt with a large X. That was all I could see of it so I asked what it was about and he told me it was from TEDx. With more probing, I learned *he* had done 4(!) TED Talks related to white supremacy, gender and racial justice. 

Of course, I was intrigued, so I looked them up online and watched them. I found them to be well said, written, and presented! I appreciate him for doing this work.

This next one brought tears to my eyes at the end. So well said! 

Such a sweet message here: 
Sadly, the Bechdel Test he mentions sets such a low bar. 

I'm very impressed by Colin's writing, presentation, and messages. Makes me want to get to know him better.