Ways to be Engaged

"A window of opportunity won't open itself."
-Dave Weinbaum

You might choose to go to these sites, read, learn, donate, sign up to get updates, and learn about current Actions:

Showing Up for Racial Justice surjboston.org

SURJ Boston is a local chapter of Showing Up For Racial Justice, a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people for racial justice. Through community organizing, mobilizing, and education, SURJ moves white people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for justice with passion and accountability. We work to connect people across the country while supporting and collaborating with local and national racial justice organizing efforts. SURJ provides a space to build relationships, skills and political analysis to act for change. (I am an active member.)

Outreach in White Communities is a model that white people can use when they want to do antiracist street outreach in a white or majority white community or neighborhood, at any outdoor site, such as the sidewalk in front of a store with heavy foot traffic.

Union of Minority Neighborhoods

UMN is committed to fully engaging communities of color as active participants in our democracy.

UMN trains, organizes and empowers people of color to access effectively many of the resources that make a difference in people’s lives – from the Commonwealth’s schools, to its workplaces, to its financial institutions, to its voting booths.

UMN is working to ensure our collective power as people of color is heard and felt. Our communities are too often on the receiving end of legislation, public policies, and discriminatory practices that directly and repeatedly limit access to economic opportunity and justice. Organizations led by people of color are grossly underfunded and our neighborhoods are underserved.

People and communities working together have and will make a difference. The collective clout of people of color represents millions of voters and billions of dollars - real economic power. Our collective power will renew hope and neighborhoods.

Haley House haleyhouse.org

Always local in focus and based in personal relationship, Haley House has grown organically in response to the harsh realities of social inequality and injustice. We remain committed to the important work of nurturing community which inspires and supports lasting personal and societal transformation. Never abandoning our deep roots as a house of hospitality, Haley House today addresses basic human needs through four interconnected branches:

White People Challenging Racism www.wpcr-boston.org

WPCR is a grassroots course, co-led by a network of facilitators who first took the class, and then were invited to co-lead it. WPCR seeks to build a racially just society through providing the information, skills, and resources needed to spur people to action in standing up against racism. People of all heritages are welcome to join us as we focus on the role of white people in dismantling racism.

WPCR’s five-part workshop consists of weekly two-hour meetings over the course of five weeks. Workshops are led by pairs of facilitators and aim to help participants gain the racial self-awareness needed for genuine participation in multiracial communities. Through readings, exercises, discussion, and real world assignments, participants’ build skills and confidence in confronting racism. We strive to keep the course timely, thought-provoking, and action-oriented.

Boston Knapsack Anti-Racism Group  www.meetup.com/Antiracists

A multiracial/cross-class group of folks dedicated to the struggle for shared liberation, we engage in a variety of group discussions to build community and awareness, and take action to disrupt the systems of racism in the U.S. and beyond. We support the efforts of racial justice leaders and organizations.

I was the main organizer for this group for years...not much going on here now...but some things there to check out. (as of May 2023)

Act to Increase Diversity in Books

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