Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Petition: Drop ALL Charges Against the MallofAmerica36

This email came from info@groundswell-movement.org:

My name is Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel and in December 2014 I joined fellow clergy to encircle in prayer a group of peaceful, courageous #BlackLivesMatter protesters at the Mall of America. It was one of the most sacred moments of my life.

And yet, in response to faithful witness, the Mall of America and City of Bloomington reacted with a militarized police force – hundreds of police wearing bullet-proof vests, riot helmets, and carrying weapons. Bloomington City Attorney Sandra Johnson then used her great power against those who hold far less power – pressing criminal charges against 36 of the organizers and participants. I started a petition to stand with the Mall of America 36 (#MOA36) to demand that the charges be dropped. Will you add your name to this faithful demand?

We’ll be delivering our petition to the City of Bloomington Attorney Sandra Johnson on Labor Day weekend. 

Our timing is critical. On August 5th, in response to a defense motion and sustained community support, the most serious of the charges were dropped. But there remain offenses which still require costly legal fees to fight. We demand that City Attorney Sandra Johnson drop ALL the charges against the #MOA36.

Our multiracial, peaceful ritual was a witness for justice – a demonstration of Dr. King’s vision of the 'beloved community' – but the Mall of America and the City of Bloomington responded with police in military and riot gear and legal charges.

As people of faith of all races, let us proclaim that Black Lives Matter and stand with the courageous #MOA36. Link to the petition here.

Please join me in signing our petition demanding charges be dropped against the faithful protesters.

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel
Pastor and Director of The Center for Sustainable Justice, Minneapolis, MN

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