Saturday, November 28, 2015

Native Appropriation, Mascots, boycotting

Due to working with a Lakota representative from during the past year, when I watched Jennifer Lopez's opening numbers at the American Music Awards recently, I sensed there was a problem with the outfits she and her dance crew were wearing.

Here are some links I found online to help explain the problem with this for Native Peoples and their supporters:

Jennifer Lopez Wears "Tribal" Outfit for AMA Opening Number

On the site below, Adrienne K. explains why wearing Native "costumes" for Halloween, etc. is a cultural insult and misappropriation:

Nunavut family outraged after fashion label copies sacred Inuit design also has some links about the harmful use of mascots:
See the video on this website to see the face of many Native people.

Money has power: we can do and model what we believe in:
We can "vote" against the use of Native imagery and names in advertisements and mascots by how we spend our money; by boycotting Land of Lakes dairy products (Native People didn't raise cows), by not writing the name of football teams who use derogatory and harmful stereotypes of Native people (the R-word especially)...and more. I will continue to research this and add more as I learn more.

Note added 12/1/15: 
I just learned about this news: Change the Mascot Praises Adidas for Momentous Offer to Help End Offensive Native American Mascots


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