Sunday, December 6, 2015

An Example of Living without White Privilege

I just read this post and recommend that you do too: I fit the description….
from "steve locke's blog about art and other stuff":

This is from my sister who let me know about it:
"I read this blog post yesterday about an experience of racial profiling and false accusation. I think it's important to think about what everyone, especially white people, can do to change the practices. What led to this situation? What could the white people in the account have done differently? What would we hope for? I think the blog shows a piece of white privilege."

Today in the anti-racism meeting I am going to, we are talking about White Privilege. One question we will ask and some might answer, is this:
If we do have White Privilege, what can we do about it?

After reading the post linked above, I can say I will be a "woman in the red coat" and be an observer.  I will stand and observe how a P.O.C. is treated by the cops, and record/interrupt if it comes to that.


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