Wednesday, May 11, 2016

David Copperfield show - Racial Issue I Observed

I went to see a David Copperfield magic show recently, on 4/19/16 at 7pm in Vegas. I tried to find a way to email him feedback on the show, but couldn’t. I asked my sister to post my letter to him for me as I don’t have a FB account: 

David Copperfield,
I was distracted from enjoying your show because of your rude and disrespectful treatment of the Asian man you picked from the audience.

1. You didn't honor his request to not participate…he apparently didn't speak any English and was clearly uncomfortable.

2. You asked him a crass private question “When did you last get busy?” and other equally rude versions of this. This was asked of a man who most likely comes from a culture where sex would never be discussed publicly, let alone in front of hundreds of strangers. It was completely inappropriate culturally.

3. You mocked the Chinese language multiple times. Chinese might sound funny to you, but really, it is just different from English. How would you like it if you went to a show in China and your differently sounding language was made fun of in a large, public space...while you stood on stage?

4. You made an assumption, it looked that way from where I sat anyway, that he was from China. Was this based on a stereotype or did someone tell you he was Chinese?

In all the points above, you came across not as funny (your intent I think) but instead as rude and disrespectful. Your act is strong enough without this; you don’t need to act superior. Just because this country has a tradition of white supremacy (and superiority) doesn’t mean that is right and that it should be perpetuated.

I don't know for a fact that you embarrassed and hurt the feelings of that man, but it bothered me, a white woman. And I bet it bothered others who care about racial healing too.

You used “INSPIRE” in your act… I hope you will not do this kind of thing again. Please be respectful of all races, languages, and nationalities in your show…and inspire others to do the same.


A woman responded:
I think it's a plant. Same Asian guy for the same trick every show? EVERY show?

I have no idea if it is every show. I have only been to one. But if he does that every show, it is even worse! -DG

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  1. I would not have gone to this show if I knew this is the way he would be.


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