Monday, November 21, 2016

Supporting Indigenous Peoples in various ways

National Day of Mourning is coming up this Thursday. While others celebrate Thanksgiving, I will be recognizing this day instead. Learn more here:

How you can still support the National Day of Mourning even if you can’t come to Plymouth

Indigenous Peoples Day: more info here:

Support efforts against the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is the site I used to support the efforts of the protesters fighting for their sacred lands and fresh water. Water is life!: Sacred Stone Camp

How Non-Indigenous Activists Can Support Indigenous People by Kai Minosh:

Free Leonard Peltier. He has been unfairly imprisoned for 41+ years. Leonard Peltier needs to be released or get a fair trial. I just wrote to President Obama asking for this. Will you help? More info here on the website about freeing him:
Here is the letter from Leonard Peltier for today's NDOM: Day of Mourning: Statement by Leonard Peltier. 24 Nov. 2016

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