Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Beyond Ally is Accomplice

For white people in the fight for racial justice...explore the distinction between actors, allies, and accomplices in 12 ways: www.whiteaccomplices.org. This challenges us to go beyond our comfort level.

For example, I went to a protest last Saturday, in Framingham. Supporting Immigrants, Muslims, and Jews. I read the protest section of that link before going, and learned this which helped me when I went:

Engage in or support civil disobedience organized by Black People and People of Color. One of the most important things that can be done as an Ally and Accomplice is be cautious on how you take up space at direct actions and protests. Ask yourself these series of questions before and while attending such events: 
Am I following what the leadership is asking of me? 
Am I directing media to designated Black, Brown or Indigenous People? 
Am I being cautious not to control or criticize the actions of Black, Brown, or Indigenous Peoples? 
Am I checking other White People for not being good accomplices?

All of the folks at the protest were white except the organizer who I think identifies as a South Asian or Indian man. When a fellow white protester started to question his plans and leadership, I shared with this protester what I had learned. Later when I felt uncomfortable with the ending time of the protest (as the church service in the church hosting us was starting and I thought our group was being disruptive), I decided to leave instead of suggesting to him that we should leave. I am not sure this is what that site was suggesting, but I felt it was the best way to deal with my personal opinion.

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