Thursday, July 7, 2016

Shootings of Alton Sterling & Philando Castile, and more

I am deeply saddened by these new deaths of black men in the hands of police officers.

Alton Sterling was killed on Tuesday while selling CDs.
"Alton Sterling shooting: Second video of deadly encounter emerges" on

Philando Castile was killed at a traffic light yesterday.
"Minn. governor says race played role in fatal police shooting during traffic stop" on

This is helpful reading from
Advice for White Folks in the Wake of the Police Murder of a Black Person

This is a petition for justice for Alton Sterling.

From the site: "Since Friday, July 8, more than 200 people have been arrested in protests against the killing of Alton Sterling. This fund will cover all aspects of legal support for arrestees--most urgently, their bail and court fees."

Please help if you can, D

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