Wednesday, July 27, 2016

protesting and activism

I feel it is important to stand with others in protest now. To make it known we are not fine with the way things are going in this country!  I have never done protests before. So it is (and was) scary and emotional to get started. But I will get stronger and it will not be as difficult in the future. Building stamina! 
Here are the ones I participated in recently, including activism that is a form of protest too:

  • Ashland Farmers Market anti-racism education & activity on June 25, 2016. Even if we believe in racial equality and diversity, we might not talk about it much. No racial healing or justice will happen with silence. Go to this link for more info. Here are fill-in-the-blank pages I collected before the tabling event at the market, these are the ones collected during the market.  Here we are at the market:

  • I went to the Black Out Trump rally on June 29, 2016. I am deeply concerned about Trump's racist talk and fearful it will further divide this country and make the white dominate culture we live in more divided, and even more difficult and dangerous for People of Color. Here is the video of the rally. I was asked some questions. If you want to skip ahead to it, my interview starts around 17.2.
    In the video, my signs look reversed due to the rear-facing camera the interviewer was using. This is what my signs looked like:

  • I joined 1000 or more protesters in Boston on July 13, 2016... listening to folks share their experiences with racial injustice in Boston, marching and chanting together through the streets near Ruggles T station...against police brutality. Yes, even Boston has issues that need to be addressed.
  • Went to my first SURJ monthly meeting., Showing Up for Racial Justice on July 21, 2016. An unprecedented amount of folks came for the first time too...over 400! Besides learning about what this group does, and who they are affiliated with, and ways to get engaged, we also did various actions together that evening, including reading together, in unison while we were filmed, a letter about Just Cause Eviction for sending to Marty Walsh.

  • Upcoming at Framingham Concert on the Green, July 29, 2016. Join us!

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