Tuesday, November 12, 2019

free Rodney Reed

This is urgent. On November 20th, Texas is scheduled to execute an innocent man for a rape and murder he did not commit.

Mountains of evidence exonerates Rodney Reed. All of that evidence was kept from the all white jury that convicted him. Instead, the evidence implicates the victim’s fiancĂ© – local police officer Jimmy Fennell – who has a history of violence against women, including being convicted for kidnapping and sexual assault soon after Rodney was wrongly sent to prison.

Read more, and sign the petition, here: www.freerodneyreed.com and do any other action you can. Do something every day if you can. I am asking friends and family to sign the petition at least. I am making calls (there is lots of support on the calls), writing emails, and sending clemency letters.

Rodney Reed is innocent. Even if you aren't sure, let's get him a fair trial!

Thanks for your help,

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