Friday, July 31, 2015

Confederate Flag

See for what is the Confederate Flag?

This is from Confederate Flag Removed From South Carolina Capitol Grounds in

The Confederate battle flag, a symbol of both racism and southern pride, was removed on Friday from the South Carolina state Capitol grounds after the Civil War banner fell from favor since the slaying of nine black churchgoers in June.

The rebel flag, raised on state grounds more than 50 years ago at the height of the U.S. civil rights movement, was taken down just after 10 a.m. ET.

It will be moved to the "relic room" of a military museum in the state capital of Columbia to reside with other artifacts carried by southern Confederate soldiers 150 years ago.

This is from Confederate Flag Removed From South Carolina Statehouse in

The removal of the flag marks the end of an era in South Carolina, where the flag has been a perennial political issue and a reminder of racial division. But debate over Confederate symbols and their role in history and in the public continue in the state and across the nation. Calls to remove the Confederate battle symbol from the Mississippi state flag have divided leaders in that state. Fights over the rebel flag resonated in the halls of Congress this week.

This is from Confederate flags found at US black church in Atlanta in

US police are investigating after four Confederate flags were found on the grounds of a church near the Martin Luther King Jr Center in Atlanta. Officials said security camera footage showed two white males placing the flags on the ground at the church. The flag is very divisive in the US and seen as a symbol of slavery by critics.

Rev Raphael Warnock, a senior pastor at the church, said: "It is a hateful act. I view it as an effort to intimidate us in some way, and we will not be intimidated."

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