Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sandra Bland unjust arrest and death, action to take

July 2015
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Texas police pulled 28-year-old Sandra Bland over as she drove to her new job for allegedly failing to signal a lane change. After police ripped Sandra from her car and violently slammed her the ground, she was unjustly arrested, charged with assault and then taken to Waller County Jail. Seventy two hours later, she was dead.

Police are claiming that Sandra took her own life, but her family and friends know that's not true. We stand with them. Time and time again, violent and discriminatory police kill and lie to cover up their brutal action.

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The action on that link is no longer needed.  


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  1. Why did she get arrested in the first place? What crime did she commit that warranted spending 3 days in jail?

  2. And why did they treat her like a violent criminal?!


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